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Seeking for some interesting LED products?
Seeing for a reliable supplier in China ?

Yes, SinoPro can save you time.
SinoPro provide some novelty products with good quality and good price. Our product groups include alloy LED flashlights, mini LED gifts, decorative LED lights, and customized LED lights. Most of our products are used as promotional items, widely demanded around the world.

Established in 2004, we have years of experience on LED products, but we are not those factories who have all organs provide everything. We are a small factory focus on developing a new item, assemble it to finial product, sale and after sale. Especially for those small buyers.
Customized product is our main business that is why we can survive after economic storms and quacks. But we are unable to show the products to the third party.
Do you want to copy a similar product that you are interesting in? Do you have a good idea? Tell me, let's work together to make it a real item, we maybe rich on it.

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TEL: 0086 755 29707760ˇˇˇˇFAX: 0086 755 29704255
Address: 2F, D6 Building, 21 Tangfang Road, 35 Baoan District, Shenzhen, China.